Heeeeeeeeeere’s The Pundit!

That’s right, everyone. It’s finally here. What you’ve all been waiting for…

The Pundit lives.

And what a wonderful time it is to be a sports fan. The baseball season is heating up, fantasy football leagues are having their drafts, the NFL Preseason has just started, College Football is a couple of weeks away, and the WNBA is in full force (cough). Though, I must admit, I feel as though I’m forgetting something…

Oh, right. The Olympics.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Pun, did you purposefully launch your site to coincide with the Summer Olympics? Aw jeez, you got me. I couldn’t resist – one giant celebration deserves another. I thought about debuting it last Friday, pairing it with the Opening Ceremony, but I didn’t want to detract attention from the quaint and subtle gathering the Opening Ceremony always is. (Editor’s note: Right, because there’s like 15 people reading this. And let’s be honest: the opening ceremony was pretty sweet. Click here for the highlights, find the opening ceremony link at the top). I love the Olympics; they’re kind of like the world’s version of a high school reunion. Everyone pretends to enjoy one another, acting as though they’ve moved beyond the slights of the past. All the countries strut around, showing off all of their accomplishments, secretly hoping the cool kids from back in the day are now pathetic and irrelevant. Oh, what’s that Britain? Only three medals? Wow, sorry to hear about that, you wanker bitches. (Editor’s note: All ethnocentric chest puffing aside, if you want Beckham back, he’s all yours. We’ll hold on to Victoria, though). Anyway, hooray Olympics. Hooray Sports. And welcome to The Pattison Pundit.


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